Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh, I'm in Love

Today finally felt like summer. Sleeping in, morning scripture study, bowl of Kellog's Krave, late shower, errand run with a friend, finishing touches of a clean room, painting a mirror, trying to darn holes in favorite cardigans, sewing lavender pouches, planning projects to sew hems, book club planning, Harry Potter debating, dreaming of a lavender or mint green-grey-white wedding, quesadilla making, spaghetti eating, no make-up, hair undone, new shoe wearing, purchasing a adorable skirt, and a darling dress, leaving the bedroom window open, journal entry catch-uping, reading, dreaming of a future home, and writing in the thunder. Now that's what I call summer.

My dream house...

I bought 3 of these picture frames. It fits my painting nicely!

The whole in my mint green cardigan that I tried to darn... darn those holes!

Spray painted mirror... check!

To be sewn on this skirt

My dress that I can't wait to wear!

I'm putting up 3 more shelves to replace my bookcase hutch above my desk. I'll be add to more books!

Sorry about the lighting... but this is my new dress I ordered.

My new skirt coming soon...gosh. I love dresses and skirts. (This one cost me a whole $12.48. No tax. No shipping charge!)

I color-coded my books!

Love that figure. Oh, I did find my Inheritance book... it is to the left. :)

Can't wait to put up my new shelves...
The sad pile of books awaiting a home. Everywhere else is full.

Getting ready to stuff
What it looked like before...

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  1. Sorry for the crazy resolution and awkward spacing... that is what I get for using my phone to make a blog post. :)