Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sunshine State

Hello everyone!
As of late, my insane schedule prevented me from posting. I am currently sitting in the Salt Lake City Airport... just waiting to board at 3:09. I'm not sure whether I'll have internet, so I'll just post the lyrics to my favorite song: Paper Bag by Fionna Apple.
The video I guess is the music video.... but I only watched the first 38 seconds... so I hope it is appropriate... if not... flog me.

I was staring at the sky, just looking for a star
To pray on, or wish on, or something like that
I was having a sweet fix of a daydream of a boy
Whose reality I knew, was a hopeless to be had
But then the dove of hope began it's downward slope
And I believed for a moment that my chances
Were approaching to be grabbed
But as it came down near, so did a weary tear
-I thought it was a bird, but it was just a paper bag
-Hunger hurts, and I want him so bad, oh it kills
'cause I know I'm a mess he don't wanna clean up
I got to fold 'cause these hands are too shaky to hold
-Hunger hurts, but starving works, when it costs too much to love
And I went crazy again today, looking for a strand to climb
Looking for a little hope
Baby said he couldn't stay, wouldn't put his lips to mine,
And a fail to kiss is a fail to cope
I said, "Honey, I don't feel so good, don't feel justified
Come on put a little love here in my void,' - he said
"It's all in your head,' and I said, "So's everything' -
But he didn't get it - I thought he was a man
But he was just a little boy
-Hunger hurts, and I want him so bad, oh it kills
'cause I know I'm a mess he don't wanna clean up
I got to fold 'cause these hands are too shaky to hold
-Hunger hurts, but starving works, when it costs too much to love
-Hunger hurts, and I want him so bad, oh it kills
'cause I know I'm a mess he don't wanna clean up
I got to fold 'cause these hands are too shaky to hold
-Hunger hurts, but starving works, when it costs too much to love

Monday, April 4, 2011

From Blossoms

From blossoms comes
this brown paper bag of peaches
we bought from the boy
at the bend in the road where we turned towardAlign Centersigns painted Peaches.

From laden boughs, from hands,
from sweet fellowship in the bins,
come nectar at the roadside, succulent
peaches we devour, dusty skin and all,
comes the familiar dust of summer, dust we eat.

O, to take what we love inside,
to carry within us an orchard, to eat
not only the skin, but the shade,
not only the sugar, but the days, to hold
the fruit in our hands, adore it, then bite into
the round jubilance of peach.

There are days we live
as if death were nowhere
in the background; from joy
to joy to joy, from wing to wing,
from blossom to blossom to
impossible blossom, to sweet impossible blossom.

- Li-Young Lee

Last summer I took a writing class with friends around the neighborhood. My teacher, showed us this poem which I fell in love with. I am an avid eater of peaches and I have this obsession with fruit stands, dust and the old way of life.
Finding inspiration from this poem by Lee, I created my own about blueberries. I'm still working on it and I only dabble in poetry. I love it though. Enjoy!

Two gems I see
patiently still,
placed in my palm
waiting to be loved.

Loved by the buds in my mouth,
blue, shiny with wrinkles,
cold to the touch.

Ripe in sight,
fresh with flavor,
waiting to be.

Rolling in my palm,
two gems to be loved.

The challenge for the day is find a food, or an item that reminds you of your favorite season. If you choose, take that item and make a poem, or find a picture or share your favorite memory with that item!
Happy writing!

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Mystery Song?

This is not apart of the Word Clambake, but, I LOVE this song and I LOVE this movie and I LOVE you all enough to share it. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today's post for the Inspiration Gala is focused on the use of language and how it is essentially an art form.
While at an author viewing of Bron Bahlmann at my high school, Bron showed us this video by Stephen Fry. I thought it was a hoot. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Looking for the Good

"Whenever humanity seems condemned to heaviness, I think I should fly like Perseus into a different space. I don’t mean escaping into dreams or the irrational. I mean that I have to change my approach, look at the world from a different perspective, with a different logic and with fresh methods of cognition and verification. (Terence sent me this quote the other day. A good battle cry, I believe... and one I wholeheartedly respect.)"
Italo Calvino

Hello Readers! Day Two of our Inspirational Gala is here! Today's focus is on looking for the good, whether it be in each other, in ourselves, in our talents, in our trials and in our futures.
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, the Second Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints shared this talk:

that has given me something to be inspired about.

"Have you ever noticed that people can usually find whatever they are looking for? Look hard enough, and you can discover both good and bad in almost anyone and anything...There is no end to the creativity, ingenuity, and tenacity of those who look for reasons to criticize. They cannot seem to release their grip on grudges. They gossip and find fault with others. They nurse wounds for decades, taking every opportunity to tear down and demean others...

President George Q. Cannon (1827–1901) knew President Brigham Young (1801–77) well, working closely with him for many years, both as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and as his counselor in the First Presidency. After the death of President Young, President Cannon wrote in his journal: “I never criticized or found fault with [Brigham Young’s] conduct, his counsel or his teachings at any time in my heart, much less in my words or actions. This is a pleasure to me now. The thought that ever was with me was: If I criticize or find fault with, or judge Brother Brigham, how far shall I go; if I commence, where shall I stop? I dared not to trust myself in such a course. I knew that apostasy frequently resulted from the indulgence of the spirit of criticizing and faultfinding. Others, of greater strength, wisdom and experience than myself, might do many things and escape evil consequences which I dare not do.” 1

President Cannon’s powerful counsel is something we members of the Church should consider with great care. The word of God admonishes the followers of Christ to be “pure, … peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.” For those who make peace, “the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace” (James 3:17, 18).

We have a choice. We can seek for the bad in others. Or we can make peace and work to extend to others the understanding, fairness, and forgiveness we so desperately desire for ourselves. It is our choice; for whatever we seek, that we will certainly find."

I believe that as we strive to seek good things in others, our self worth and respect for others will increase, and will come to make our days brighter, lighter and kinder.

For the Daily Challenge, I dare you, (oh, yes I dare) to find the good around you. To start, look at these photos that portray people and events and see if you can see the "goodness".

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