Monday, March 26, 2012


At the beginning of each January, handfuls of us create New Years Resolutions, only to be forgotten, cast aside on the back burner of our lives. For some of us though, we make it. And while I like to think that "resolutions" are realistic guidelines to achieve during one's whole life rather than a year, here is my compiled list. The photo of my pot of grass is indeed a resolution. So far in my 17 years I've killed all the plants in my room (sorry Father!). Last week at the library, the Monday Night Take Home Craft was a little potted plant. After helping the kids plant theirs, I did my own, in hopes that it would grow, and I wouldn't have to cringe each time I entered my room, in fear it would be dead (conditioned from experience). I am happy to announce my plant is alive and will be receiving a spunky hair cut, sticker eyes, and a poppin red bow tie! Until then, here are my belated New Years Resolutions!
 (they were made in January, this is just their first limelight) 
1. Daily prayer & scripture study
2. Write 3 things I am grateful for each day & why
3. Fast & pay a full tithe
4. Visit the temple at least twice a month
5. Read at least 100 books
6. Get a JOB!
7. Start on family history
8. Participate dans mon classe francais!
9. Learn basic Russian
1o. Read up on Jewish history
11. Learn vibrato (yeah about time :) )
12. Collect favorite poems/writings/quotes
13. Complete my Painting by Numbers!
14. Practice piano over summer
15. Have a plant in my room & not kill it (the photo)
16. Aid Mr. Herdman in our garden
17. Write. Write. Write.

If you'd like to share your Resolutions feel free! Happy late Monday! 

     -The Littlest Herdman


  1. Those are awesome resolutions! Getting a job is one of my not-so-far-off goals as well. Good job on the grass :) Fun stuff!

  2. Thank you Andrew! Hopefully getting a job will be easier once summer hits and the college folk are gone. Best of wishes! :) (it is amazing how east grass is to grow. Plus you can give it haircuts!)