Tuesday, March 6, 2012

El Cheapo!

It all started with this little guy:

Dropped off on my lawn on Valentine's Day, this golden item hosted a roll of toilet paper with the question "If you've got to go, go me! El Cheapo with Andrew Tate?" Of course I said "I would love to!" El Cheapo was our school's Winter/Spring dance that was casually based.  

 Our group consisted of 14 marvelous folk: Beno Seely and Alyssa Gates, Nate Frei and Emma Chapman, Parker Young and Jennifer, Michael and Kristen, Simon and Emily, Josh Dawson and Megan Asplund, Andrew and me. Andrew Tate is a superb friend, who I could easily write a series of blog posts on how suave is (if you're curious, you can click on his name).

After being picked up in a dashing El Cheapo van, we headed to Kiwanis park, where we entertained ourselves in chalk art featuring: fruit pictures, our dates, Y-mount - or a noble pirate ship that Andrew and I sketched- and a hit-man (shown below).

An areal shot of our group mural. Michael is standing on Andrew's shoulders. See our hit-man's staff?
Afterwards, we got lured into the Provo City Library (one of my favorite places) for a scavenger hunt. It was pretty much amazing! Though Andrew and I didn't officially win any awards for any of the categories, we both agree that we struck gold on finding the coolest books such as David Bowie and Dinosaurs!
Our treasures. (Parker and Jennifer aren't pictured... sorry guys!)

The coolest books ever! (I am laughing here...)
Afterwards, as we journeyed to our next destination, there appeared a red cooler off the side of the road which held exactly the contents of our dinner. (Nice touch there.) We parked ourselves at a large pavilion that had a lake full of ducks. Although the air was crisp and chill, we found comfort running around playing capture the flag and settling down to a cup of cider, soup, french bread and brownies. Dinner was indeed outstanding.
Candlelit dinner with our Cup O' Noodles which warmed our hands quite nicely.

BIG smiles!

Yes Andrew. I suppose you rather are steamy.

Beautiful lasses!
After warming up our hands and bellies from dinner, we decided it was time to dance! Surprisingly we stayed almost 2 hours until the very end. I think we all showed off our signature moves and enjoyed each others' company. At the close of the night, we had delicious ice cream at Michael's house, and then traveled back home.

Four out of  our seven fantastic dancers!
El Cheapo was definitely "ginger peachy". I knew it was going to be brilliant, but I admit that it surpassed even that. The friends in my group were just spectacular, and the activities were thoughtful and very enjoyable! I'm very glad that I "got to go", and go with Mr. Tate.


  1. Kelsey, that was an awesome post! I enjoyed it. Thanks for going with me. You are very suave! ;)

  2. Thank you Andrew! It was definitely smashing- El Cheapo, of course! I'm glad you asked.