Friday, March 30, 2012

Lessons from Jim Bob

Hello readers! As stated in the last entry, I have given my plant a hair cut (the name's Jim Bob-thanks Willie). While I lopped off 3 inches, two thoughts occurred: I myself needed a trim, and sometimes it may seem like some days cut you back down. Focusing more on the later thought, I learned first hand this week (once again) that trials, our weakened moments, and even good experiences can take us back to where we can grow, perhaps even stronger and all the wiser. 

Before hair cut.
After hair cut.
Look at them locks!

This week I've had either horrible allergies or a stubborn cold. I'm not sure which. One thing I do know is that I sound like an addicted smoker of 43 years, I cough and choke when I laugh, and croak while singing Regina Spektor. One of my teachers asked me if I was taking my vitamins, was unstressed, and getting enough sleep. I scored a solid zero on all accounts. Going back to how this relates to a pot of grass, I've learned most importantly that our trials, experiences, and the lessons learned from them can uplift others (My voice made many people laugh and smile- along with my herbal tea in English), and teach you to be patient with yourself. 

 For instance, I got a message from my friend Liz asking for me to pick her up from school. 
 After I picked her up, and driving through out busy traffic- I ran a red light on the corner by the BYU bookstore turn and the street to turn onto 9th East. I didn't realize it, until another car was pulling into the lane next to me from the opposite direction. He didn't even seem to notice. I didn't hit anything or slammed on my breaks. The best part about that experience was that a BYU Cop was right around the corner and didn't seem to see anything wrong.... Of COURSE from that experience, I then immediately turned right onto 9th East, to find a place to park to think about what I had just done. To my great surprise I heard someone call out "Kelsey!" I turned into the lane next to me, and it was my friend Matthew from my Red Cross Leadership camp. The last time I saw him was when I spotted him standing in front of the Creamery while I was driving with Sadie. (good times right Willie?)

My favorite painting at the SMOFA, from the High School Art Show.
 So while I do feel horrible about running the red light, I felt like it was one of those experiences that allowed me to feel ridiculous for a good reason. I was able to laugh and relief some anxiety. (Sorry to my Mum if you're reading this...!) I then drove back around to that same spot and legally went through it- my penance.
On a more positive note, tomorrow is General Conference, and I must say that this one of my favorite times of the year! Good thing it comes twice a year!

- The Littlest Herdman

p.s. Yes. Bow ties are cool.

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