Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Time!

As always, summer brings much happiness to most teenagers and to most people I think. Today, I'm in one of those moods where I am so happy summer is here! It will soon be short lived however, since I'm one of those nerds who loves school and learning new things... To try to have a somewhat- productive summer, I plan to involve myself in certain activities and occupations. Who would have thought that I plan to take a creative writing class? In fear of boredom I have driven myself to make this summer busy.... I bet I will regret it... oh well!
In the summer comemeration, I made myself some toast (bread toast)! After I made it, it didn't sound so appetizing. Have you made something you've been craving and then you don't want to eat it once it's made? Anyway, sorry for my rambling. Oh I am happy to announce that I shall be buying a watermelon today along with some popcicles! I only have $10- but trust me, I sure can make it go far!
I will soon look like that little boy shown below! Yummy WATERMELON! Oh, can anyone buy me those shoes? Brilliant!

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  1. Kelsey! Guess what I have a blog now. James told me to try one out for a month and see how I like it. So yeah this is the address:
    so yeah if you want to check it out that'd be cool.
    love you kels.