Sunday, May 9, 2010


Alas. I fail at writing on this blog. But, now with summer on my heels life should pick up and carry out on a steadier speed! I've counted down the days until I finally get out for school: it's 10! This week I'll be taking the end of the year Biology test, and then relax for the weekend! Life is just getting swanker!

Yesterday I had the chance to wake up early and attend a multi-stake service project where different stakes would combine and do service for different parts of Provo. Unfortunately I could stay to do the activity- but I heard Sister Anne M. Dibb speak to us about the great importance of service and how we as youth can bring about great changes in people's lives. I love that lady so much! After that little bit of fun- I drove up to Josh's graduation (my sister Brittany's husband) with his mom and sister Jenny. I really admire Josh and his family. They are wonderful people to be around! During the graduation I attempted to clap for all the graduates- which did end up bugging my sister, plus cheered the students who worked hard getting there. I plan on graduating hopefully! Graduations are usually boring- but this one managed to be filled with funny things like : getting locked inside Brittany's car, getting made fun of for bringing a box of White Cheddar Cheese-its, and leaving my phone at Brittany and Josh's apartment. Oh the joys of family get-to-gethers! In the end, a crispy creme doughnut usually always makes a long day extra rewarding.

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