Friday, May 28, 2010

Starting with number...

1! My bucket list, this summer is going to have 30 things/goals/tasks, that I need to complete this summer. A summer's bucket list, could be considered one's renewal of their New Year's resolutions... but I have bigger stones to throw than my resolutions.
Starting with...

1. Have a week long Cheerio's diet with friends!
2. Harry Potter Movie Marathon
3. Lord of the Rings Marathon
4. Read 25 Classics
5. Grow herbs in our garden
6. Make a bag/satchel
7. Make a music video (80's....)
8. Maybe write a historical fiction novel
9. BLOG!
10. Have a food fight.
11. Be lazy (a.k.a. sleep in)
12. Learn how to drive a car- I'm going to be 16 in September... might as well!
13. Take 2 weeks off from Facebook.
14. Take a photo everyday starting June 1st.
15. Learn a new craft
16. Learn basic piano
17. Eat as many s'mores as my little body can allow
18.Plan a BIG picnic at Rock Canyon Park
19. Star gaze
20. Make new friends!
21. Have as much fun as Summer will allow me
22. Eat something culturally bizarre!
23. Sappy love movie marathon
24. Complete everything on this post!
25. Learn about other countries human rights and laws
26. Take a stroll down in the cemetery
27. Finish all of my online classes
28. Read about the different wars starting from 1900's+
29. Learn all of England's kings names... (Sense and Sensibility's Margret... anyone?)

Each time I accomplish one of these certain tasks, I will "blog" about my failure or success! Summer, I can tell this year, won't be for the faint of heart!

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