Monday, August 13, 2012

This Corn is Like an Angel...

Update: A while back I posted about Emily Brown, who I absolutely adored. Turns out I also adore this lovely lady.  I first heard her song "Dream it Up" and I was sold. Her music was something that if I didn't tell the world how great her music was, I knew that the music goblins would kidnap me and stick me in their labyrinth- something that I hope to avoid...

For an update on life, I am sad very, very, very, very, very forlorn, doleful, morose, disconsolate, languished, and sorrowful that our California trip got cancelled. If anyone who reads this has a dependable car that is cheap on gas and can play an iPod, we will auction off bids this instant. The next best thing that we can do this weekend is to go down to St. George which isn't exactly the "watch-the-sunrise-on-the-horizon" experience that I was hoping for, but it will be a great experience knowing that I am enjoying the time with friends before life catches up with us and blows us to other places. In words of Dan from Dan in Real Life "Life... is full of disappoints." but I also learned this, "plan to be surprised." 


  1. Hi friend! I found you. Bwaahah! Love, love love love your blog. Maybe 2/3 as much as I love you.

  2. Kristen! I am so GLAD that you found me, and that I am now a proud follower of your blog too! :) You're a gem. Thanks!