Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Quest FOR YOU!

Hello Readers!
I am in the need of your assistance to help me find AMAZING, BRILLIANT, STUPENDOUS, FAR OUT, WILD, LOVELY, and SWANK poems/readings/essays/quotes/talks or any snippets of writing that you love, were inspired by, laughed, cried, cherish or find yourself reading over and over again. I want to compile mine and your favorite writings on a blog (soon to be created...!!!) where others can feel free to look at and admire. I also want to take this blog a step further and create it into a "zine" where I'll continue to post things about me, my life, and little facts about me. You can send me your own personal writings or of someone published, someone you know or etc. Let the games begin! Thank you so much!

Please send me YOUR copy at:


or email me if you'd like to give me hard copy or a zerox print.
or post a comment of a link for a website, or questions

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  1. Kelsey Herdman is a chica.
    She likes to eat fajitas.
    Viola, Froto, and Sam
    are all her friends... WHABAM
    - Verina Chen
    ANYTHING counts! :)