Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just A Little Bit.

Perhaps with the lack of sleep Friday morning (I saw HP 7...) with a little bit of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph W. Emerson, lately you could say that I've been an emotional wreck. One second life is bliss and the next I'm crying because of a dead elf, or I'm crying because of the pressure that will await in the future and wallowing that I'm a lazy lass who really needs to clean her room. *Note: that it is 11:01 and I've been procrastinating my laundry that REALLY needs to be washed by tomorrow and how I'm lounging in my bed that currently is toppled with clean clothes, a viola, HP 7, unblowed-up balloons, ribbon, and my french packet.

I don't however want to vent about my current issues, but my current understandings.
I don't think I'll be able to relate everything though at this time, but I might as well start by telling you a tad about myself. I'll give you a sample of 5 facts underneath me, starting with a BIG fact to the little quirks

1. Well first things first, and the first thing you should know is that I love mainly everything. Its hard for me not to like something, unless you're yellow corn, breaded shrimp, Navajo tacos from school cafeterias or books about vampires. I'm not only talking about food, but people as well. I'm just so grateful that I've gotten the chance to have met you, or in this case be your friend. I believe that we all as human beings have the heart, mind, strength and spirit to help and encourage one another. No one is too small or too busy to give a helping hand and that is, by being a friend.

2. One secret about me, is that I secretly wish to be in a play and from there Broadway. I absolutely love plays and musicals, and I love singing. I have not had the opportunity or the guts to try out for a play or to take a choir class. I'm not a very good singer or dancer and I have no idea about acting. But when I see plays or musicals I just get the thrill of the performances. It just looks fun. Perhaps one day....

3. Yes. I love tucking my pants inside my socks. Its cozy and keeps the draft away. If Cameron Diaz can do it in The Holiday, and if Ash from Fantastic Mr. Fox can. Then I can to. (I'll post pictures.)

4. I think my new favorite color might be red. This is new because for ages it was always various shades of blues. But now, I think red just might be it. I think it compliments things nicely and I love how it brightens and pops just a bit of spice into life.

5. I might as well give you a history of things I have wanted to be when I was younger.
- an artist (4-8 yrs. old)
- a singer (yes, Brittney Spears was once my role model- 4-8 yrs. old)
- an ick-thi-ologist (no idea what it was, or how its spelled, but it works with marine life 8-10 years old)
- a teacher (7-13 yrs old)
- a librarian (8- present)
- an astronaut (7-11 yrs old)
- a firework builder (7?)
- a food tester (9 yrs. old)
- a chief (11-14 yrs. old)
- a clothing/fashion designer (9-11 yrs old)
- a soldier (8 yrs old. I had an obsession with camo in 2nd grade. Hey, it was cool)

Currently I want to be a photojournalist/humanitarian/anthroplogist/ working with refugees and international developments while being a mom and a librarian, married to a German violin/viola/cello maker who plays the cello who is a part time doctor (can come with me on humanitarian trips) who loves reading and has a heart like Gilbert Blythe. It wouldn't be bad if he could also play the piano since I cannot and if he could sew or knit. Oh and also be a Mormon who has a good testimony and wants to get married in the Draper Temple, the Nauvoo Temple or the Rome Temple. Give him my condolences. :)

And to top it all off here is my current favorite quote of the week:

"A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint. What I began by reading, I must finish it by acting"
- Henry D. Thoreau

So my dear friends, I'm challenging YOU this week to write down the facts of your life and share them with someone who might not know you as well as you'd like or think. Pick something you want to share with others, give them a gift to be thankful for: you.


  1. You've got beef with corn bread? Seriously sister, what's wrong with you???

  2. I LOVE CORNBREAD! Just not sick little yellow corn kernals. Yuck yuck yuck.