Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let Down.

As I walked home today from school, to my dismay while checking the mail box my National Geographic wasn't there. Putting a bit more pep of optimism in my step I walk in the door, and I spot the new National Geographic happily waiting on the table for my eager hands to flip through it's pages. Cover story: FLDS Polygamy. Not that it's not a bad choice, just that I am LDS and people seem to misunderstand that LDS are not FLDS. Curious I decided to give it a chance and really enjoyed the article. Though I DO believe they got a lot of their facts correct *applause* I think they got a few things wrong, like did Brigham Young really have 55 wives? Or that Joseph Smith denied being a polygamist, AND they failed to see WHY it started. Not to gain favor in Heavenly Fathers sight for BIG families but to take care of the widows and become their provider and patriarch. If you read Doctrine and Covenants 132: 61-64ish it explains in that time period what was proper to engage in polygamy. I do believe I want to correct Nat. Geo. on that, but then again I'm not sure where to start and what to say. Over all the issue wasn't bias, the majority was to inform of their situation which I do honor. The other articles were great with different specimen photographs from different ecosystems of the world, and Nomadic Indians, and Monkeys in Congo, and what's new for the Hubble Space program.

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