Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: Resolutions

It's funny to me that sitting here lounging in a armchair is myself trying to think of what I want this year to be like. 2009 was fantastic for me. I have made new friends, been to new places, thought new things, learned new concepts and discovered more about myself and who I want to become. I guess I have to look at last years resolutions to see what I have accomplish. Too bad I don't remember and I don't believe I ever wrote them down.... well I'll just list mine for this year:

1. No procrastinating- This school year I've worked hard to keep up with my grades, and my time. I am doing great so far.

2. Not be idle- I need to work harder.

3. Patient- Mainly to family, friends and myself.

4. Plan- I need to plan my time more efficiently

5. Caring/ Service- Too often I want to help others, but I never can find something that makes me benfit. I need to do all KINDS of service.

6. Listen- mainly to my teachers

7. More uplifting- I need to not be sarcastic but happy and optimistic.

8. Temple attendence- I need to attend the temple more frequently.

9. Love- Love in the home along with patience....

10. Journal write- TOO LONG have a written in the same journal. I need to finish it!

I hope that this new year will be great! I am excited for new experiences and a new opportunity for growth.

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