Monday, April 30, 2012

General Happiness

Last night when I was checking my sister's blog, I came across her recent entry, entitled "General Happiness". Her post sprouted my idea to write a post of my own, mirroring just what makes me generally happy too.

    Kelsey's General Happiness List:
1. Looking at other people's artwork
2. Carnations, tulips, poppies, and lavender
3. Harmonizing to music
4. Handwritten notes or letters
5. Watching other drivers
6. Old postcards, maps, and books
7. Yard sales and thrift stores
8. Fresh bread and butter
9. Cloudy days-because I know there will be a spectacular sunset that evening
1o. New National Geographics
11. Having someone wave at me or give me a hug
12. Sharing Ritz crackers
13. Discussing world events
14. Woolen socks tucked over comfy pants
15. Love stories, yes even the bittersweet
16. Chirping birds in Aspen trees
17. Driving on a freeway/highway in the country
18. Gloves or mittens
19. Dancing and singing in the rain
2o. Autumn leaves and their smell
21. "How we met" stories
22. My smudge that I get from writing on my left hand
23. Accents
24. Little kid voices and baby giggles
25. Reading under a tree or during a rainstorm
26. Cheesy pick-up lines from roguish lads
27. Winking
28. Bow ties
29. Staring at fires and the red embers
30. Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon
31. BLTs, ice cream, soup, peaches, peas, tomatoes, and watermelon
32. Temple trips!
33. Family campouts and boardgame playing
34. Pearls and old fashioned things
35. Finding constellations and shooting stars in the night sky
36. The joy of watching my family and friends grow up, achieve what they worked for, and making memories
37. And of course, good ol' jazz, bluegrass, and big band swing

Well, those are a few of my favorite things, and you know what? Just typing out each of them has already brightened my afternoon as I go to my last night to volunteer at the library until June, and start studying for my upcoming tests next week. For more good news my Kaplan AP Euro History book came in the mail today!

Isn't today gorgeous?

-The Littlest Herdman

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fingers Crossed...

...that Jim Bob survives from my neglect. I realized yesterday that he's mostly a goner. He may pull through! The thing with plants and me is that I get concerned with other things and I just assume my plant can hang on a few days in the sun, a little parched. I PROMISE I take better care of children. Relating this to a philosophical metaphor, it is time for me to focus on the things that do matter, such as my upcoming tests and getting my mind back to health away from distractions.
Dear Summer, I know that I usually dislike you, but can we please make up and have you come quickly? I miss your bozaz, spunk, and careless frolicking.
-The Littlest Herdman
P.S. I also promise I'll post about the mentioned things in the past "p.s." very soon.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


This is one of those songs that come to you like a homing device. It is flawless.

-The Littlest Herdman

p.s. I have Spring Break and Prom entries to share very soon! Stick around.