Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer Photos!

Train tracks as we are heading to Mia Shalom!

Water is a great thing when hiking.
My friends! (left to right) Maddy, Emily, Me, Nancy Brown, Kennedy and Michelle Sorenson.
The area where I solo hiked.

An image from our skit, which no one understood.

The epic A-frame at the Confidence Courses.

At the Amazing Race, our ward carried limes with spoons.

Pot gut.
The oar looked yummy.

Quite the mountaineer, I'll say...

This picture is actually supposed to go with the later reunion posts. This was the sky after it poured down on us while setting up camp.

On the way to St. George, for Lizzy Ungerman's birthday! (Mia and I).
Mia, Debora and I.
The CATS production at the Tuacahn. Deb, Mia, Rum Tum Tugger, Me, and Lizzy.

GoLd FisH

I guess they had this really large rocking chair... so we all clamored aboard.

For mutual we played soccer and kick ball with some friends from Spain.

Horses at the family reunion.

Kaylie, my niece threw a paper air plane, and it landed on my head. My brother in the background is quite amused.
My horse lovers. :)

The cute chapel building were we went to church. (Teresa, I think that boy is standing right behind Craig's head on the steps...)

Jason, and my nephew Kaden
At the actual reunion. We stole someone's football......

I happen to be wearing that same outfit at this moment...
Kaylie at the lake!
Oh family pictures....
The boys: Craig, Tyler (blue) Dad, Jason and Kaden.
Checking out whatever is on the ground....
S'more time!
Fishing at the lake, I caught 3 small fish.
The craziness of camp, after the rain... (below)

Grandma Olsen.

Brooke and I turned away just in time... Mom was upset, mostly because her camera batteries died right after she tried retaking it again...
Steve and Kaden trying to light a fire like a caveman.

The cows became my friends.
Elsa and I at Utah Lake, right before school.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Too Many Days of Summer!

The fleeting moments of summer quickly swept me up, and now it's already September! I guess I'll recall what occupied my summer, and some things I learned and exactly "how" far I got on my bucket list. (Not very far at all. boo.)

At the start of June, I drove up to Logan to attend my Red Cross Leadership Camp. And boy, did I meet the best people. Not sure really how my week was going to turn out, I turned to enthusiasm, and the kindness of my new friends. We ate in the cafeteria everyday, filling our stomachs with various meals. Lucy Danes, my fellow LDC friend, and I ate tofu (Lucy, ha, THAT was some great tofu...) and I even tried bamboo- I think I'll leave it for the pandas to eat though. Some of the activities we did were these things called Clan Groups, where we as a group combined our intelligent skills and whooped together service projects for Utah and even a few fundraisers. It made me think, that there are many things we can do now, locally to improve own communities. Sure it's important to look after other people in other countries, but we can liven and uplift the lives of others around us. Those that are nearest to us. I read a quote by Mother Teresa that says: "Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you." If we all did something once a day for someone that we love and care for, how much better would little ol' Provo get? How much better would Utah get? How much better would America get? How much better would the world get? LDC was a great experience, full of moments of laughter "SPOT ON" and a whole bucket of tears as we all said our goodbyes. It's funny to me that the social norm we live in can keep us all from being friends. Like walking into a grocery store, and not interacting with your neighboring shopper. Or going to school and turning away from the girl with her paper sack lunch alone at a table. At LDC I knew no one. But at the end, I gained a family that I never knew I had. Now, I'm not saying that you should wave and engage in an active conversation to everyone you meet- for one that would be a bit strange, and you'd wear yourself out. Trust me, I know! ;) You never know what situation you'll find yourself in, but you'll always know how to go about it, if you have a smile.

After my LDC camp, I went up ol' camp Mia Shalom and had the best year at Girls Camp ever. It was great, because I think my attitude was better, the food was better, and I might have stuffed my face with s'mores... maybe more than I should have. Well I came back and started my awesome babysitting job for a family in my ward. I watched their two boys who taught me a lot. Patience, being spontaneous, how to play Risk and Settlers of Catan, how to be comfortable playing my viola with a house full of kids all listening, that it's now cool to build a "cubicle" instead of a fort, and enthusiasm. It was a great experience and I am so grateful I was able to be apart of their lives while they built mine. Babysitting is more than just watching them. It's watching them learn and grow, while making them french toast in the process. (Nathaniel's favorite breakfast dish.)

Now for my bucket list, here are the things I accomplished:
1. Lord of the Rings Marathon- I voted for it, and then complained the whole time. Sorry Char...
2. 2 weeks off Facebook!- Way to be!
3. New craft learned- leather bracelets.
4. Star Gaze- up in the mountains it's hard not to.
5. New friends!- Um... hello LDC, Youth Conference and Girls CAMP!
6. Eat bamboo- culturally bizarre.
7. Have as much fun as possible- b-i-n-g-o.
8. Learn all of England's kings and queen's names- attempted... and failed.
9. Eat LOTS of Marshmallows- mission accomplished!

I'm thinking I might just tack my Summer Bucket List to my Fall Bucket List... yep that would work.

School has begun, and already I feel like a big nerd. My favorite classes are AP World History, AP US History, English and Seminary. World History is just like a class based on National Geographics, while US History is like a time warp back in time. English this year is on a deeper level. We are looking at the book Fahrenheit 451- and we are looking at the connections Bradbury is making to our life: the future. In a few days I'll have my essay done about that book and I'll post it. Its interesting to see in what ways we are similar.

It's a bit crazy that I'm already 16! I remember thinking to myself when I was barely in kindergarten, what it would be like to be 16, when I could drive and be in High School. To tell you truth, there is really no difference. That little 6 year old is still in me! (that might be parshly because I don't even have my permit yet....)
One of the best things I'm grateful for are my family. (friends definitely included). On Monday the 13th, my other three sister, Mia, Ty and Taralea, took my to Olive Garden as an early birthday dinner. Now usually we are well behaved, but when Mia snitched Taralea's pasta, and in defense Taralea swipped Mia's hand away knocking over her water all over Mia and Mia's pasta. It only took seconds before Ty and I were wiping away tears. That Saturday the day of my birthday, my wonderful family drove up to Big Springs Park, up Provo Canyon where we had a barbeque. Although there weren't any unlocked water spickets, and the bees were trying to eat Brittany and I, it was a marvelous day! My family got me a new ipod, which was a major blessing since my old one sometimes wouldn't turn off, or it would freeze and it didn't lock. Brooke, my sister, gave me my bed table tray that I've been looking for! She filled it up with various items to make it more personal, and I smile everything I look at it. I'll post pictures soon. Now yesterday to further the birthday celebrations, Lizzy Ungerman, my friend and I had a sleepover. To show you how great of friends we are, I asked her if we could take a nap, since that morning I didn't sleep very well. We planned to sleep only for 30 minutes, but it ended up 4 times that long. We also watched Merlin, that British t.v. show that's just as epic as Lord of the Rings, while eating homemade brownies. Liz, you are the best, and I love you lots!

Here are a whole plethora of fun pictures from this summer!

Taralea and I showcase our peddling skills at Youth Conference

Water cup, over the head-tossing.

It's that fun.

Dance party! I'm the girl with the skirt straight ahead with the satchel.

Arriving at LDC in Logan!

Ninja with my fellow LDC campers.

My Clan Group!

Lucy Daynes and I. Yep we're trying to do a "spock" high "4". Fail.

These were taken at the LDC Reunion in July.

(I'm going to make a new post with my favorite pictures from Girls Camp, my family reunion, my St. George trip and other summer events)