Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer Photos!

Train tracks as we are heading to Mia Shalom!

Water is a great thing when hiking.
My friends! (left to right) Maddy, Emily, Me, Nancy Brown, Kennedy and Michelle Sorenson.
The area where I solo hiked.

An image from our skit, which no one understood.

The epic A-frame at the Confidence Courses.

At the Amazing Race, our ward carried limes with spoons.

Pot gut.
The oar looked yummy.

Quite the mountaineer, I'll say...

This picture is actually supposed to go with the later reunion posts. This was the sky after it poured down on us while setting up camp.

On the way to St. George, for Lizzy Ungerman's birthday! (Mia and I).
Mia, Debora and I.
The CATS production at the Tuacahn. Deb, Mia, Rum Tum Tugger, Me, and Lizzy.

GoLd FisH

I guess they had this really large rocking chair... so we all clamored aboard.

For mutual we played soccer and kick ball with some friends from Spain.

Horses at the family reunion.

Kaylie, my niece threw a paper air plane, and it landed on my head. My brother in the background is quite amused.
My horse lovers. :)

The cute chapel building were we went to church. (Teresa, I think that boy is standing right behind Craig's head on the steps...)

Jason, and my nephew Kaden
At the actual reunion. We stole someone's football......

I happen to be wearing that same outfit at this moment...
Kaylie at the lake!
Oh family pictures....
The boys: Craig, Tyler (blue) Dad, Jason and Kaden.
Checking out whatever is on the ground....
S'more time!
Fishing at the lake, I caught 3 small fish.
The craziness of camp, after the rain... (below)

Grandma Olsen.

Brooke and I turned away just in time... Mom was upset, mostly because her camera batteries died right after she tried retaking it again...
Steve and Kaden trying to light a fire like a caveman.

The cows became my friends.
Elsa and I at Utah Lake, right before school.


  1. Please read the post below the picture to have these make sense. :) Thank you! Sorry it's been AGES!