Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just One of Those Days!

Today, it seems like it's one of those days where all you feel like doing is sitting watching Mulan and a Muppet Christmas Carol. With the piles of homework I have not due until the next 2 weeks, it seems like a perfect day to rest and to basically waste the last day of my very long break. Although, I've been semi productive by driving to the library, making my bed, starting a load of laundry and of course, updating you with this entry! My goals for the are as follows:
1. Finish the book Sense and Sensibility
2. Type up Current Events about China for Geography
3. Edit Captain Keller essay
4. Watch Mulan and Muppets
5. Make FOOD!
6. be as lazy as possible...

Well it seems that #1-5 make #6 impossible, but improbable? No bueno!


  1. Kels, you didn't take your main picture, did you? If so, I hate you a little. Luckily if that's the case, you made it up by mentioning the Muppets twice in this post.
    your sis

    blog more

  2. I did take my main picture.
    Ya SISTA
    p.s. sorry life is a tad busy, but I will blog more once I change this next semester.