Friday, February 12, 2010

Just like it is!

Nothing says comfort than having a 4 day weekend this week. Although yesterday really made not having school, seem like Heaven. Yesterday after school I was scheduled to babysit at 6 p.m. and then from there my babysitter was planning on taking me to my friend Lizzie's once they got back around 10 p.m. so I could make it to my sleepover. Well the day before on Tuesday, my cell phone randomly broke. It won't turn on and all it's doing is flashing the "version" logo. With that as a factor and then having do go to American Fork for my sister Brooke's home appointment, the time we got back was around 6 p.m. last night- about the time of my going to babysit. Since I knew we were going to be late, I tried to find Jenny's number (babysitter) to call her to explain and to hurry and go over there. I didn't have her number since it was all on my broken phone and so I sat at home for 40ish minutes hoping she would call the house or drop by to pick me up. Well neither of that happened and I felt horrible. I knew it was all my fault and that they counted on me, and I let them down. Jenny is so sweet that I knew she would understand the situation, but it was madness just not knowing whether they had tried to pick me up already and given up, or they had been trying to call me on my cell, sitting broken in my hands. Anyway, I end up giving up, and have my Mom drive me to Lizzie's for my sleepover. Before that I tried calling another lady in my neighborhood to see if she had Jenny's cell number, since they are related. I had to leave a message explaining the situation and then asked my mom if she could call me at Lizzie's to either tell me what happened and to give me Jenny's number. After I arrive at Lizzie's 10 minutes later, my mom calls and say's that yes Jenny was trying to call you about babysitting- but that they didn't need to me tonight because their plans changed. I seriously thought it was a joke. So I guess that was a lesson for me to: 1. get an address book, 2. The next time I have a deadline- don't go anywhere. Oh and while my mom was driving me up to Lizzie's- we almost hit 2 deer on 9th East. I guess bad days are always a little bit more rewarding than we expect them to be.
After that, Lizzie and I ate and Mia came over and we basically watched my favorite scenes from A.G.G. and sat and wallowed from all of our experiences from yesterday. There's nothing better than 3 friends, and a box of cinnamon sticks to go with them.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Anne and Gilbert

While alone on Friday night after a wonderful babysitting job, I took my leisure in watching the last movie of Anne of Green Gables with Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie. I forgot how much I LOVE and hate that movie! It's so sad, and you just want to jump in and help Anne, find Gilbert as he serves in WW1 as a doctor. I cried about 5 times and the whole time, I'm impatient for when they can finally go back home. Anne of Green Gables has taught me many lessons. It has taught me to forgive, to love and to have trust in my loved ones. It taught me that it's ok to do stuff on impulse and to follow my heart. Here's to Anne and Gilbert who DID come back safely and for their warm journey they shared with someone of the age 15 and still cries and giggles like she's 6. :)


To my brother Jason, who has done so much for me. Jason is my big brother who let me snuggle downstairs with him when I had bad dreams. He taught me how to play Zelda, and Mario-cart. He taught me to make him orange julius. He sat on me and teased me, put salt in my o.j.. Watched Kenshin with me, gave me Japanese treats. Sent me out in the snow for one minute for a dollar, and took me driving on a Christmas Eve, not so long ago. Here's to my big brother who I love dearly and I am proud to call family.


I promise I am the worst blogger ever. Lately life is taking me for a joy ride! I have a new internship at the Springville Museum of Art. I work with wonderful people who I hope I can get a better appreciation of art from. The museum is HUGE and gorgeous! It's a shame that they don't have any pictures posted on their website, and I hopefully I'll be able to soon make that change!
That's the basic some-up of the past couple of days since my last entry.